1.5 Sheepskin | Tibet | Curly | 130 x 50 cm | Taupe

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The beautiful dark brown sheepskin rug from Tibet fits nicely into every home. Its dark colour can be combined with every style and makes the rug more resistant to dirt. Being 1.5 size large, this sheepskin rug is especially suitable for a larger chair, the sofa, or an armchair. It also works great on the floor as a small living room carpet or a bedside rug. Just imagine digging your toes into the silky soft corkscrew curls of this Tibetan sheepskin rug when getting up in the morning. What a wonderful feeling! In order to create this product, one and a half sheepskins have been carefully selected and the rug has been hand crafted in order to achieve a perfectly uniform and consistent rug that meets our high quality standards.
Tibet sheepskin is similar in its look to another famous sheepskin, Mongolian sheepskin. Mongolian sheepskin, however, does not have the same high quality as Tibetan sheepskin and especially the sheepskin rugs from Tibet on our product range meet the highest standards. A clear indicator for the high quality are the 9 curls the fine hairs of our Tibetan sheepskins have. The number of curls are a quality indicator with 9 being the sign for highest quality. Are you looking for smaller variant? You can find the 85 x 50 cm large Tibetan sheepskin rug in taupe here.
 Product details: Information:
  • Origin:
    • Sheepskin from Tibet
  • Size in inches:
    • 51 x 19 inches
  • Size in cm:
    • 130 x 50 cm.
  • Wool Type:
    • Curly
  • Wool length:
    • Long wool
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  • Origin assured, OA™ certified.

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