Known for their softness Alpaca cushions are the ideal cushions to rest your head on after a long and stressful day. Alpaca is a breed of llama that is native to the Andes in South America. They are raised for their meat and the skins are a natural byproduct of the meat industry. By using alpaca fur to make these beautiful cushions, we ensure that as much as possible of the animal is used and nothing goes to waste.

Alpaca cushions

Alpaca Cushion | South America | Long Wool | 28 x 56 cm More variants
Alpaca Cushion | South America | Long Wool | 28 x 56 cm
In the Andes mountains in South America Alpaca graze on the wide fields of grass, both high up on mountain...
Alpaca Cushion | South America | Long Wool | 50 x 50 cm More variants
Alpaca Cushion | South America | Long Wool | 50 x 50 cm
Alpacas live in the Andes mountains in South America where they graze on highest mountain tops and in the lowest...

Alpaca Fur Cushion

The alpaca cushions come on the different sizes: 50 x 50 cm and 28 x 56 cm. The 50 x 50 cm large cushions fit wonderfully on an armchair or on a big sofa, as they are quite large. The 28 x 56 cm large cushions are a bit more versatile as they can fit nearly anywhere with their rectangular shape. Such cushions are not only perfect for the living room, but also on the bed they are incredibly decorative and comfortable. If you have a guest room with a sleeping couch that you turn into a bed, cushions such as the alpaca cushions can turn the sofa into an incredibly decorative and comfortable spot to sit on, and not only when you have guests.

Alpaca cushions come in five different, beautiful colours. A classical colour is the brown variant called taupe. A big advantage of that colour is that the natural look can be combined with nearly every interior style and yet catches the eye at the same time. Other classical colours are black and white, both have a beautiful natural shine and incredibly soft wool. The most exclusive looking colours, we think, are the gold and the grey colours. The gold coloured cushion really sticks out and brings a nice, bright tough to the sofa or an armchair, and the grey cushion blends in wonderfully with any style, while at the same time bringing that special something to the home.