Our Australian sheepskin cushions are very soft, cosy and on top of that very decorative. In Australia a lot of focus is put onto animal welfare, just as in all the other places of heritage of our sheepskin products. That is why we can offer high quality sheepskin products in our shop. The sheepskin cushions from Australia are available in a range of colours, making them suitable for different styles and decorations.

Australian Sheepskin

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Australian Sheepskin Cushions

Australia is, similar to its neighbour New Zealand, known for its sheep and their high quality sheepskins. Australian sheepskin is soft, cosy and very durable. This makes sheepskin from Australia perfect for cushions. On top of that sheepskin cushions do not lose their volume when used often, unlike fake sheepskin, which loses its comfort within a relatively short period. It is enough to shake the sheepskin cushion every once in a while to bring it back to its original glory.