Our high quality patchwork cow cushions are a wonderful fit for any living room. No matter if you prefer modern, contemporary interior or traditional country house styles, these cushions fit with any interior. Available in a wide range of colours these cushions are incredibly versatile. The back side of the cushions is made of high quality cow leather.

Cow cushions

Cow Hide Cushion | Brazil | Premium | 40 x 40 cm More variants
Cow Hide Cushion | Brazil | Premium | 40 x 40 cm
These wonderful looking cow hide cushions from Brazil are available in a range of different colours and patterns. The patterns...
Cow Hide Cushion | Brazil | Premium | 30 x 60 cm More variants
Cow Hide Cushion | Brazil | Premium | 30 x 60 cm
These wonderful cow hide cushions are available in many different colours and combinations and give every home a warm and...

Cow Hide Cushions

Cow cushions may sound like an outdated way of decorating the house, but with our patchwork cushions this view is up for debate. The cushions look incredibly modern and stylish and fit great with any style. They are available in two sizes: 40 x 40 cm and 30 x 60 cm. Both variants are available in nine different colours. Whether you prefer the more traditional black and white or brown and white look, or a more contemporary light grey, black or even spotted colour, we are sure that you can find the perfect cow cushion for you in our selection. If you have any questions or special requests concerning the cushions, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help you out.

As previously mentioned there are nine beautiful colour variants of our cow hide cushions. The first two variants are the classical black-white and brown-white cushions. These can be described as the most traditional looking cow hide cushions with a colour scheme that is very recognisable and immediately gives the impression of a typical countryside look. Just like all other cow hide cushions, these cushions are made from premium cow hides from Brazil with a magnificent natural shine and short hair. Similar in colour scheme are the brown-white and black-white spotted cow hide cushions. These variants have small spots in brown or black colour on a white background. We often call these variants salt and pepper around the office, as they resemble the two spices. 

A completely different looking cushion is the exotic dark variant. This cushion has a very special brown pattern that is only seen in cows from South America. Another brown variant is the dark brown cushion that looks especially precious. The solid black cushion is equally precious looking, but has even more of a shine because of the dark hair. The most rare variants are the grey beige and light grey cow hide cushions. All cow hide cushions are not only precious looking, but also extremely durable. The high quality cow hide and luxurious leather are resilient and easy to maintain.