English Sheepskins

All our English sheepskin rugs are from free range sheep. They are available in both a short wool and a long wool variant. Both colour variants are 100% natural and organic. English sheepskin rugs are soft, breathable, and can be used in all corners of the home. Apart from their decorative qualities, these sheepskins are also very popular with mothers, who use English sheepskins in strollers or as soft bolster for their babies to play on.

British Sheepskin Rug

Known for their softness English sheepskin rugs feel velvety and make a wonderful bolster to sit or lie on. That, and the fact that the skins are organic, make them very popular with parents. The softness, natural feeling and the temperature regulating properties make sheepskins wonderful for babies. Temperature regulating means that through the natural air cushion, the sheepskin keeps warm in the winter and provides a comfortable softness in the summer without it getting too hot. And if your baby should sweat a little, the sheepskin absorbs the liquid right away so that you baby never lies wet. Always be sure though to listen to your baby's signals and dress appropriately for the season.

English Sheepskin Rug

But English sheepskin rugs work not only as underlay for the stroller or a rug for the baby to play on, but they also make a beautiful decorative element in every home. The softness makes them perfect for chairs, sofas or armchairs to sit or to lie on. They provide comfort, warmth and a homey feeling that cannot be replicated by other materials. For our whole selection of all sheepskin rugs from different countries of heritage, please click here.

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