Our reindeer skins come from northern Finland, Lapland to be precise, where the animals browse in the wild and have over centuries adapted to the cold, rough northern climate. The animals are herded for meat production and their skins are a byproduct of this industry. Since there are only about 100,000 reindeer in Lapland, their skins are very exclusive and limited in numbers. All reindeer skins are unique, as they are 100% natural and each has its own natural character.

Finnish Reindeer Skin

Reindeer Skin | Finland | Natural Brown | 70 x 110 cm
In Lapland (in the North of Finland) 100,000 reindeer graze among the fields. Over the centuries, this semi-domesticated deer has...
Reindeer Skin | Finland | Natural Brown | 80 x 130 cm
Our reindeer hides are from the cold north of Finland. This region is also know as Lapland. As part of...
Reindeer Skin | Finland | Natural Light | 70 x 110 cm
All reindeer hides in our product range are from Lapland in the north of Finland. There, about 100,000 reindeer graze...

Reindeer Skins

Please be sure to note that reindeer skins should only be used for decorative purposes. If the skin becomes to warm, the hairs increase in volume and can detach from the skin. This is part of the natural adaptation of the animal to the changing seasons and the connected changing temperatures, where the reindeer thin out their fur. As decorations, however, reindeer skins give every home a beautiful look of Nordic nature. Reindeer skins can be used in various rooms of the house. We do, however, not recommend hanging the skin directly in front of ovens or fire places. If you have any specific requests or questions, feel free to contact us per email or telephone. We are always happy to help you.