Goat cushions from Tibet are an absolutely wonderful decorative object for every home. They are available both as patchwork cushions and as cushions using whole pieces of goat skin. Both versions do, however, have one main thing in common: They are high quality products, as quality is one of our main focuses.

Goat cushions

Goat Cushion | Tibet | Short Wool | 28 x 56 cm More variants
Goat Cushion | Tibet | Short Wool | 28 x 56 cm
Natural cushions of goatskin The lovely cushions made of the finest goatskins from the high mountains in Tibet  comes in 3 different styles/patterns. The first...

Goat Skin Cushions

Goat skin cushions fit nicely with traditional, country house styles, but also with a more modern, contemporary interior. The three natural variants give them many possibilities of combining them with different kinds of furniture, both light and dark. Whether your style is based on natural colours or on colourful trendy tones, we have a goat cushion that fits your style. The cushions measure 28 x 56 cm which makes them very versatile in use, as they fit every sofa, armchair or even bed without seeming too large or too small on it. And especially on a bench, these goat cushions shine. With their natural colours they are a great addition to wooden benches.