In our selection you can find beautiful goat skins with nice, unique colours and patterns. The Tibetan goat skin is available in different brown and white tones and has soft, short hair. The Mongolian goat skins have curly, long hair and are available in light brown, dark brown, white, and black. They have small spots on the long hairs that give these goat hides a unique look. 

Goat Skins

Goat Hide | Tibet | Short Wool | 90 x 55 cm | Natural Brown Spotted
Goat Hide from Tibet - Natural Light Brown Rare and suitable natural goat hide from the heights of Tibet. These Goats...
Goat Hide | Mongolia | Long Wool | 100 x 70 cm | Dusty Taupe
Goat Hide in Dusty Taupe - Long Wool Dusty Taupe is a brown/grey hide that is incredible soft, shiny and beautiful. These...
Goat Hide | Mongolia | Long Wool | 100 x 70 cm | Ivory
Natural White Goat Hide - Long Wool This naturally white goat hide from the mountains of Mongolia is one of...
Goat Hide | Mongolia | Long Wool | 100 x 70 cm | Dusty Brown
Dusty Brown Long wool Goat Hide The colours in this goat hide are magnificiant! The hide is beige at the bottom...
Goat Hide | Mongolia | Long Wool | 100 x 70 cm | Black
Beautiful & Shiny Long wool Goat Hide This astonishing silky smooth goat hide of Mongolian goatskin is absolutely gorgeous and...
Goat Hide | Tibet | Short Wool | 90 x 55 cm | Natural Brown
Natural Brown Goat Hide from Tibet These natural astonishing goat hides are incredible beautiful and authentic. The colour is dark brown...
Goat Hide | Tibet | Short Wool | 90 x 55 cm | Natural White
Goat Hide from Tibet - Natural White The natural white or beige of the tibetan goat hides is also the...

Goat Skin Rugs

The long hairs make the Mongolian goat skin rugs very comfortable to walk or sit on. That is why such a rug is ideal for the living room or bedroom. Tibetan goat skin rugs have shorter hair and are a bit more durable. Therefore, we recommend using them in the kitchen, living room or even in the hallway, where one would usually walk over the rug. Both rugs are very comfortable to sit on, especially barefoot and both are allergy friendly. If you have any specific requests, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help you along. If you are looking for larger rugs or carpets, you can find our large sheepskin rugs here.

Goat Hides

We are often asked about the differences between sheepskin and goat skin. Besides the main difference that the two skins come from different animals, there are a few other differences that set the two skins apart. Goat skins usually have slightly thinner hair, making them look very classy. Sheepskins have usually tighter wool, but that doesn't mean that goat skins are not soft. To the contrary, goat hides can be very soft and comfortable, and especially our Mongolian variant confirms this. In the end it comes down to personal preference, whether to choose goat skin or sheepskin. 

Goat hides come in many different colours. Among the two types of goat hides available in our selection, there are some main colour differences. The main difference is that Tibetan goat hides are 100% natural in colour, while the Mongolian variants are dyed. That makes it easier to find uniform looking Mongolian goat hides for the home, for example to be used on chairs around the dinner table. The natural colours of the Tibetan goat hides range from light, almost white colours to dark brown shades. Another great aspect of the Tibetan goat hides are the beautiful patterns found. You can find variants with light brown colours and a dark stripe in the centre, with spots or even both. If you are looking for a specific colour pattern, be sure to contact us, we are always happy to help you find your perfect goat hide.