Gotland Sheepskin

The beautiful, unique sheepskins from the Swedish island Gotland speak for themselves: great colours, fantastic textures, and incredible softness. In Scandinavia sheepskin from Gotland is known as the world's best. For many centuries these sheepskins have been part of Scandinavian culture. Each Gotland sheepskin has its own look and characteristics. They are suitable for the daily use inside and outside, as they are very durable. If you are looking for our complete selection of sheepskin rugs, you can find those here.

Single Sheepskin | Gotland, Sweden | Curly | 100 x 70 cm

Single Sheepskin | Gotland, Sweden | Curly | 100 x 70 cm

Natures Collection

Gotland sheepskin is probably the most exclusive sheepskin in the world. The Gotland sheep is originally from the Swedish island of Gotland, but h...

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Gotland Sheepskin Rug

Every Gotland sheepskin rug has its own pattern because all Gotland sheepskins are 100% natural and have their natural colours. They have been tanned carefully and without the use of harmful chemical. You can use those skins to sit or lie on without any worries, as they are very durable due to the century long adaptation of the sheep to the local climate. Gotland sheepskin rugs make for great decorative elements inside and outside the home, for example on the terrace under a roof, or inside the living on the sofa or you favourite chair. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Swedish Sheepskin

Our Swedish sheepskins stem from a breed of sheep called the Gotland Pelt, which is named of the animals' place of origin: the Swedish island of Gotland. Nowadays the sheep are spread over the whole of Sweden and also in its neighbour country Denmark several thousand Gotland Pelt sheep can be found. A Gotland sheepskin can be combined with traditional and contemporary styles and is due to its colours and nuances a great fit for every home.

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