NC Living Scandinavian Deer Hides 90-100 cm. Hides Natural
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Scandinavian Deer Hides 90-100 cm.

Deer Hide

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NC Living Goat hide | Shortwool | 90 cm. Skins Spotted

Goat hide | Shortwool | 90 cm.

Size: 90 x 60 cmWool Length: about 5 cmType: straight, smooth woolCoat thickness: thinDyed/natural: naturalMade of: one pieceOur Tibetan goatskin c...

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NC Living Cow Hide - VINTAGE Zebra | Size S Hides Black/White

Cow Hide - VINTAGE Zebra | Size S

Cow Hide, VINTAGE Zebra, 220x170.

NC Living Finnish Reindeer Hide 70x110cm Medium Reindeer Hides Natural Dark

Finnish Reindeer Hide 70x110cm Medium

Size: 70 x 110 cmWool Length: 3-5 cmType: straight, smooth woolCoat thickness: thickDyed/natural: naturalMade of: one pieceOur reindeer hides are o...

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NC Living South African Zebra Hide Hides

South African Zebra Hide

Size: 250 x 180 cmWool Length: about 1 cmType: straight, smooth woolCoat thickness: thinDyed/natural: naturalMade of: one pieceOur zebra hide is fr...

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NC Living Mongolian Goat Hide | Longwool | 110x80 cm. Skins Black

Mongolian Goat Hide | Longwool | 110x80 cm.

Size: 110 x 80 cmWool Length: 15-20 cmType: straight, smooth woolCoat thickness: thinDyed/natural: dyedMade of: one pieceThis astonishing silky smo...

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Reindeer Rugs

We receive all our reindeer hides from Lapland in Northern Finland, where the animals browse in the wild landscapes and have to adapt to the rough, local climate. The reindeer are raised for food production and their hides are a byproduct of this industry. The number of reindeer in Lapland is limited to about 100,000, which has an influence on the availability of reindeer hides. As with all our natural products, reindeer hides have not been altered and no two reindeer hides look exactly the same. Each hide has its own individual character, giving the hides a touch of exclusivity. 

We would like to inform you that reindeer hides are purely decorative objects. If the hide gets warm, the hairs increase in volume and fall of the hide. This is part of the natural process that helps the reindeer to maintain a comfortable temperature when it gets warmer. The hairs are hollow on the inside, unlike the hairs on a sheepskin, because reindeer don't have the same natural padding. As a result, the hairs are prone to breaking off when the temperature is too high or their are used to sit on. 

Our reindeer hide rugs are high quality products and look absolutely stunning. A reindeer hide from Finland can bring a wonderful Nordic charm to every home. Hanging decoratively on the wall or over an object, these hides fit perfectly into any room with a Northern charm. Also in the office, such a hide can be a wonderful piece of decoration.

Reindeer Hide Rugs

Reindeer hides have a very special feel and look that cannot be replicated or found elsewhere. They come in beautiful brown colours and often have special contrasts and different shades within the same hides. Some few hides also have shades of grey in combination with the natural brown colour. Another type of reindeer hide that is especially rare, is the albino reindeer hide. This variant stands out with its stunning white colour with light brown patterns. Reindeer hides can be found in different sizes. The smaller hides feel softer, both the hair and the leather are soft. The larger reindeer hides feel a bit more coarse and the leather is noticeably thicker. Please consider though that no matter the size of the reindeer hide, they are decorative piece that should ideally not be sat on. 

Reindeer Skins

Our reindeer skins come from northern Finland, Lapland to be precise, where the animals browse in the wild and have over centuries adapted to the cold, rough northern climate. The animals are herded for meat production and their skins are a byproduct of this industry. Since there are only about 100,000 reindeer in Lapland, their skins are very exclusive and limited in numbers. All reindeer skins are unique, as they are 100% natural and each has its own natural character.

Please be sure to note that reindeer skins should only be used for decorative purposes. If the skin becomes to warm, the hairs increase in volume and can detach from the skin. This is part of the natural adaptation of the animal to the changing seasons and the connected changing temperatures, where the reindeer thin out their fur. As decorations, however, reindeer skins give every home a beautiful look of Nordic nature. Reindeer skins can be used in various rooms of the house. We do, however, not recommend hanging the skin directly in front of ovens or fire places. If you have any specific requests or questions, feel free to contact us per email or telephone. We are always happy to help you. 

Mongolian Goat Hide Rugs

Our Mongolian goat hides stem from the rough climate of the Mongolian mountains. Each of the hides is unique in colour, shape, fur and texture. With their long curls they bring a luxurious atmosphere into every home. The goat hides are available in black, dark brown, light brown and white. They measure approximately 100 x 70 cm and fit nicely on a chair, sofa, armchair or as a rug on the floor.

A Mongolian goat hide can be used in both traditional and contemporary setups. The hides are very soft and durable, which is why they are often used on chairs as comfortable seat pad. The long hairs do not only catch the eye, but also provide warmth and comfort. Since goat hides are products of nature, they can vary in form and colour. That means each goat hide is unique. We at sheepskinhouse.co.uk value quality and that of course also goes for all goat hides you can find in our shop. With the right care a goat hide from Mongolia can last many years. Fluff it up regularly and the goat hide looks as good as new. 

Similar to some of the sheepskins the Mongolian goat hides are dyed. That means that it is easy to match many goat hides by colour, for example if you plan on using several hides on the chairs around the dinner table. Mongolia is often associated with sheepskins rather than goat skins. However, the Mongolian goat hides are no less beautiful and can in the right setting really stick out and be the centrepiece of the interior.  

Of course, you can also find sheepskin rugs in our selection with small, corkscrew resembling curls, that Mongolian sheepskin rugs are usually associated with. In our product range, these sheepskin rugs are from Tibet instead of Mongolia for a few simple reasons. The main reason is that Tibetan sheepskins generally tend to have higher quality. This shows especially in the fine curls and the natural shine. Seeing as our main focus is the high quality of all our products, the decision was quite easy to make. If you are looking for the fine and delicate Tibetan sheepskins, you can find those here.

Goat Skin Rugs

In our selection you can find beautiful goat skins with nice, unique colours and patterns. The Tibetan goat skin is available in different brown and white tones and has soft, short hair. The Mongolian goat skins have curly, long hair and are available in light brown, dark brown, white, and black. They have small spots on the long hairs that give these goat hides a unique look. 

The long hairs make the Mongolian goat skin rugs very comfortable to walk or sit on. That is why such a rug is ideal for the living room or bedroom. Tibetan goat skin rugs have shorter hair and are a bit more durable. Therefore, we recommend using them in the kitchen, living room or even in the hallway, where one would usually walk over the rug. Both rugs are very comfortable to sit on, especially barefoot and both are allergy friendly. If you have any specific requests, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help you along. If you are looking for larger rugs or carpets, you can find our large sheepskin rugs here. 

Goat Hides

We are often asked about the differences between sheepskin and goat skin. Besides the main difference that the two skins come from different animals, there are a few other differences that set the two skins apart. Goat skins usually have slightly thinner hair, making them look very classy. Sheepskins have usually tighter wool, but that doesn't mean that goat skins are not soft. To the contrary, goat hides can be very soft and comfortable, and especially our Mongolian variant confirms this. In the end it comes down to personal preference, whether to choose goat skin or sheepskin. 

Goat hides come in many different colours. Among the two types of goat hides available in our selection, there are some main colour differences. The main difference is that Tibetan goat hides are 100% natural in colour, while the Mongolian variants are dyed. That makes it easier to find uniform looking Mongolian goat hides for the home, for example to be used on chairs around the dinner table. The natural colours of the Tibetan goat hides range from light, almost white colours to dark brown shades. Another great aspect of the Tibetan goat hides are the beautiful patterns found. You can find variants with light brown colours and a dark stripe in the centre, with spots or even both. If you are looking for a specific colour pattern, be sure to contact us, we are always happy to help you find your perfect goat hide.

Zebra Skins

Next to our large selection of sheepskin rugs we also sell different rugs. One of these products is the luxurious zebra rug. Burchell's Zebras from South Africa play a major role in the local food production and their skins are a byproduct of the food industry. That is why it is difficult to obtain high quality zebra skins, as they are often damaged or destroyed in the abattoir. Yet, we are proud to present you with Zebra skins of the highest quality (A++). Every skin is carefully selected in order to guarantee you this high standard.

Whether it is on the living room floor or in any other room of the house, a zebra rug is an incredible piece of decoration. With the high quality that all our zebra skins have, these rugs last for many, many years. A zebra rug is a great eye catcher in every home and can thanks to its black and white colour be combined with nearly every style and interior. Whether you prefer traditional country house interior or are more into modern, stylish decoration, a zebra rug can be combined with any style.

Zebra Skin Rugs

A zebra skin rugs a something very special. They are not only rare, but also incredibly luxurious. Something that is usually only seen in design studios or on telly could be part of your home. Try it out, a zebra rug fits great with any style, and especially with modern, black and white furniture with the occasional colourful element.

Beside sheepskins and cow hides we also sell other skins and hides on our website. One of the most exclusive and breathtaking products are our South African zebra skins. These come from the Burchell's Zebra and are a byproduct of the food industry in South Africa, where zebra meat plays a major role in society. High quality zebra skins are hard to come by as they are often destroyed when they animals are brought to the abattoir Yet, we are pleased to offer you zebra skins of highest quality (A++). Each skin has been selected carefully to guarantee top quality.

Zebra hides are a very special decorative element. They are not only rare, but also luxuriously gorgeous. A zebra hide, which is usually only seen on television or when used in design exhibitions, can give your home a beautiful, extraordinary touch. Especially with modern furniture zebra hides can be combined wonderfully. But also traditional, rustic ambiances can profit of a highly decorative zebra skin.


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