The main attraction of our antlers and horns are the beautiful antlers from the Austrian red deer. These can be bought single or as a set. The deer shed their antlers once a year and these antlers are then manually collected off the forest bed by farmers. At the moment antlers are very popular as decorative items on dressers or tables, where they provide a beautiful, Nordic charm.

Horns and Antlers

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Austrian Antlers
These beautiful antlers are manually gathered of the Austrian forest bed after they have been shed by deers. Farmers from...


Antlers are very durable and make a wonderful decorative piece that's often forgotten and underestimated. And yet antlers can be combined with nearly every style, whether you prefer a traditional country house style or a modern, contemporary interior. Especially living rooms are an ideal spot for deer antlers. Why not try it out, perhaps a pair of antlers is exactly the piece of decoration you have been looking for.

Cow Horns

Do you prefer horns over antlers? On you do not only find antlers, but also a wide selection of horns. Most popular are our cow horns that are, just like all other products on our website, high quality products. Besides cow horns in different sizes you can also find antelope horns, which have a wonderful corrugated surface. 

Deer Antlers

Both horns and antlers are some of the more unconventional decorative pieces. Even though they are often associated with rustic cabins, they can be used in many different ways. Especially the exciting kudu and antelope horns make for an absolutely fantastic piece in the home that catch everyone's eye.