Baby Sheepskin Rugs 

Silky-soft sheepskins for babies. Sheepskins are perfect for regulating the temperature, which makes them ideal fits for babies, who cannot regulate their own body temperature yet. On top of that sheepskins are great at taking up liquid so that your child never lies wet.  

No matter if it's rain or sweat, liquids are soaked up by the sheepskin and quickly dry again. Also smells are taken up by the sheepskin and that doesn't necessarily have to be a downside. In fact, if you sleep with the sheepskin for a couple of weeks before the birth date, your baby is going to feel extra comfortable and secure lying on the sheepskin that has taken up the smell of the mother. 

Sheepskin Rug for Babies

Of course you only want the best for your baby: sweet dreams and a good sleep. These sheepskin rugs for babies offer exactly the comfort a baby needs. Sheepskins are not only temperature regulating, but also have a natural wax layer, which protects the sheepskin against dirt. That means it is usually enough to just air the sheepskin out or to brush it with a steel brush. The specific baby sheepskin you can find in our product range can even be machine washed. 

Baby Lambskin

You don't have to worry about the sheepskin rug being to warm in the summer. Because of the natural air cushion that forms between the sheepskin and the baby lying on top of it, the sheepskin has a cooling effect. However, always be sure to dress your baby appropriate to the season and look out for any signals given to you. Always be sure though not to leave your baby alone lying on a sheepskin rugs and not to use it in the bay cot as there could issues with the air circulation. 

The most popular sheepskins available are the single sheepskin rugs. Those come in many different forms and sizes, but all have in common that they are made from a single sheepskin. Their sizes range from 75 x 50 cm all the way to 115 x 60 cm and even large in some unique samples.

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