Our Mongolian goat hides stem from the rough climate of the Mongolian mountains. Each of the hides is unique in colour, shape, fur and texture. With their long curls they bring a luxurious atmosphere into every home. The goat hides are available in black, dark brown, light brown and white. They measure approximately 100 x 70 cm and fit nicely on a chair, sofa, armchair or as a rug on the floor.

Mongolian Goat Hides

Goat Hide | Mongolia | Long Wool | 100 x 70 cm | Dusty Taupe
Goat Hide in Dusty Taupe - Long Wool Dusty Taupe is a brown/grey hide that is incredible soft, shiny and beautiful. These...
Goat Hide | Mongolia | Long Wool | 100 x 70 cm | Ivory
Natural White Goat Hide - Long Wool This naturally white goat hide from the mountains of Mongolia is one of...
Goat Hide | Mongolia | Long Wool | 100 x 70 cm | Dusty Brown
Dusty Brown Long wool Goat Hide The colours in this goat hide are magnificiant! The hide is beige at the bottom...
Goat Hide | Mongolia | Long Wool | 100 x 70 cm | Black
Beautiful & Shiny Long wool Goat Hide This astonishing silky smooth goat hide of Mongolian goatskin is absolutely gorgeous and...

Mongolian Goat Hide Rugs

A Mongolian goat hide can be used in both traditional and contemporary setups. The hides are very soft and durable, which is why they are often used on chairs as comfortable seat pad. The long hairs do not only catch the eye, but also provide warmth and comfort. Since goat hides are products of nature, they can vary in form and colour. That means each goat hide is unique. We at sheepskinhouse.co.uk value quality and that of course also goes for all goat hides you can find in our shop. With the right care a goat hide from Mongolia can last many years. Fluff it up regularly and the goat hide looks as good as new. 

Similar to some of the sheepskins the Mongolian goat hides are dyed. That means that it is easy to match many goat hides by colour, for example if you plan on using several hides on the chairs around the dinner table. Mongolia is often associated with sheepskins rather than goat skins. However, the Mongolian goat hides are no less beautiful and can in the right setting really stick out and be the centrepiece of the interior. 

Of course, you can also find sheepskin rugs in our selection with small, corkscrew resembling curls, that Mongolian sheepskin rugs are usually associated with. In our product range, these sheepskin rugs are from Tibet instead of Mongolia for a few simple reasons. The main reason is that Tibetan sheepskins generally tend to have higher quality. This shows especially in the fine curls and the natural shine. Seeing as our main focus is the high quality of all our products, the decision was quite easy to make. If you are looking for the fine and delicate Tibetan sheepskins, you can find those here.