Tibetan Sheepskin | 85x50 cm.

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Size: 85 x 50 cm
Wool Length: 10-15 cm
Type: curly, very soft wool
Coat thickness: thin
Dyed/natural: dyed
Made of: one piece
The Tibetan sheepskin is characterized by the long and light curly fur. The sheepskin can be used to increase the comfort and the expression on chairs but is also very comfortable on a couch or an armchair. The Tibetan sheepskin is available in many different colours and nuances. You can choose between the classic, natural colours or the more eye catching colours like red or pink. The skin is of very high quality because of the silky fur and the small light curls. It is also very easy to maintain. As long as you make sure to maintain it occasionally, you can be sure that you will have a skin, that lasts a lifetime.

The colour of this Tibetan sheepskin is very special as it becomes brighter in the end of each hair. The hair-ends are actually almost white. This looks especially pretty with the curly hair of Tibetan sheepskin.
The sheepskin has a length of 35 inches and 20 inches. The hair itself is approximately 10 inches long and dyed. If there happens to be some scratches on the back of the sheepskin that is due to the process of manufacturing and will be repaired so it is invisible from the frontside.

Because of the practical length of 39 inches the sheepskin fits very well on most of the chairs, but also on a sofa or even on the bed. Sheepskin from Tibet is rather thin and light but the soft curls provide enough comfort.

This sheepskin was shaped by the air in the Tibetan mountains. The weather there might be harsh but the curly hair keeps the sheep warm even though it is not that thick.
The sheepskins are without any exceptions by-products of the local meat production. In this way, by manufacturing those sheepskins we make sure that no animal product is thrown away and in the same time we can support animal farming under good conditions which also ensures the high quality of our sheepskin.

Shake out the sheepskin regularly and avoid direct sunlight during a longer period of time. Do not brush the sheepskin is this would make the curls disappear. We also do not suggest you to wash the sheepskin, but to remove eventual spots with a damp cloth. Take care that the bottom part made out of leather does not get wet because that can affect its structure.

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