We receive all our reindeer hides from Lapland in Northern Finland, where the animals browse in the wild landscapes and have to adapt to the rough, local climate. The reindeer are raised for food production and their hides are a byproduct of this industry. The number of reindeer in Lapland is limited to about 100,000, which has an influence on the availability of reindeer hides. As with all our natural products, reindeer hides have not been altered and no two reindeer hides look exactly the same. Each hide has its own individual character, giving the hides a touch of exclusivity.

Reindeer Hides

Reindeer Skin | Finland | Natural Brown | 70 x 110 cm
In Lapland (in the North of Finland) 100,000 reindeer graze among the fields. Over the centuries, this semi-domesticated deer has...
Reindeer Skin | Finland | Natural Brown | 80 x 130 cm
Our reindeer hides are from the cold north of Finland. This region is also know as Lapland. As part of...
Reindeer Skin | Finland | Natural Light | 70 x 110 cm
All reindeer hides in our product range are from Lapland in the north of Finland. There, about 100,000 reindeer graze...

Reindeer Rugs

We would like to inform you that reindeer hides are purely decorative objects. If the hide gets warm, the hairs increase in volume and fall of the hide. This is part of the natural process that helps the reindeer to maintain a comfortable temperature when it gets warmer. The hairs are hollow on the inside, unlike the hairs on a sheepskin, because reindeer don't have the same natural padding. As a result, the hairs are prone to breaking off when the temperature is too high or their are used to sit on. 

Our reindeer hide rugs are high quality products and look absolutely stunning. A reindeer hide from Finland can bring a wonderful Nordic charm to every home. Hanging decoratively on the wall or over an object, these hides fit perfectly into any room with a Northern charm. Also in the office, such a hide can be a wonderful piece of decoration.

Reindeer Hide Rugs

Reindeer hides have a very special feel and look that cannot be replicated or found elsewhere. They come in beautiful brown colours and often have special contrasts and different shades within the same hides. Some few hides also have shades of grey in combination with the natural brown colour. Another type of reindeer hide that is especially rare, is the albino reindeer hide. This variant stands out with its stunning white colour with light brown patterns. Reindeer hides can be found in different sizes. The smaller hides feel softer, both the hair and the leather are soft. The larger reindeer hides feel a bit more coarse and the leather is noticeably thicker. Please consider though that no matter the size of the reindeer hide, they are decorative piece that should ideally not be sat on.