Tibetan Sheepskin Cushion | 28x56 cm.

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This cushion is made of Tibetan sheepskin, that is famous for its silky and soft curls, that gives the ultimate comfort. The cushion is in an oblong shape, that makes it extra comfortable on the couch or in bed. The collection offers several colours and the cushion fits into any type of furniture and will create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Size: 28 x 56 cm
Wool Length: 10-15 cm
Type: curly, soft wool
Coat thickness: thin
Dyed/natural: dyed
Made of: perfectly matched pieces

Known for their fashionable, silky-smooth curls, Tibetan sheepskin are a perfect fit for cushions designed for maximum comfort. Available in many natural and dyed colours, you can be sure that one would make a fantastic addition to any room you're looking to improve further.

Our fashionable Cushions are available in various shades and textures inspired by the earthy tones of nature and will add a unique, soft touch to any bed, sofa or chair. Our collection of 100% Tibetan sheepskin cushions includes cushions of different colours and provides an extra tactile element and striking texture. It is for this reason that our Tibetan sheepskin cushions work in perfect harmony with contemporary furniture, regardless of your personal style you're sure to find one that would fit your home perfectly!

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