Tibetan Sheepskin | 135x50 cm.

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Size: 135 x 50 cm
Wool Length: 10-15 cm
Type: curly, very soft wool
Coat thickness: thick
Dyed/natural: thin
Made of: 1,5 skin
This delicate Tibetan sheepskin is a bit bigger than the usual Tibetan sheepskin, because it is made of one and a half skin. The skin is two sheepskins sewed together, but this does not affect the quality of the skin. The characteristic silky expression gives your home an exclusive and cozy look. This beautiful skin fits right on the couch or as a rug in the bedroom. The skin is very easy to maintain. As long as you make sure to maintain it occasionally, you can be sure than you will have a skin, that lasts a lifetime.

This sheepskin rug from Tibet fit nicely into a modern home, as well as a more traditional country house. This Tibetan sheepskin rug is larger than the regular one. It consists of 1.5 sheepskins. A regular Tibetan sheepskin measures approximately 85 x 50 cm. The sheepskins used for this 1.5 size rug have been carefully selected with regards to the quality and look in order to create a uniform and consistent looking rug. We never compromise on quality. The curls on this sheepskin rug are velvety soft and have a nice corkscrew optic. They absolutely unmatched and make for a beautiful object in any home. And on top of that they are also wonderfully soft to sit or lie on. For an exclusive piece of decoration place this sheepskin on your sofa, a larger chair or on the floor.

Tibetan sheepskin rugs are similar to Mongolian sheepskin rugs. A main difference is, though, that Tibetan sheepskin have a much higher quality.

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