Quatro Sheepskin Rug | New Zealand | Short Wool | 180 x 110 cm | Sapphire

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New Zealand Sheepskin - The Short-Wool Curly Rug Collection.

Curly New Zealand sheepskins are known for their short and robust wool fibres and small curls. These sheepskins are suitable for use on a regular day basis and can be used in seating arrangements. A Curly New Zealand sheepskin gives a luxurious touch to any contemporary interior and can be used both in- and outdoors.

Versatile, stylish and with a unique feel to them, rugs such as these can fit anywhere, the soothing grey colour matching perfectly with many types of surfaces and nearby interior.

Produced in a ecologically sustainable manner, using sheepskin from free-range New Zealand sheep help ensure the highest supplier standards in all our products.

Product details:


  • Origin:
    • Sheepskin from New Zealand
  • Size in inches:
    • 73 x 43,5 inches
  • Size in cm:
    • 180 x 110 cm.
  • Wool length:
    • Long wool
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  • Origin assured, OA™ certified.

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