Beside sheepskins and cow hides we also sell other skins and hides on our website. One of the most exclusive and breathtaking products are our South African zebra skins. These come from the Burchell's Zebra and are a byproduct of the food industry in South Africa, where zebra meat plays a major role in society. High quality zebra skins are hard to come by as they are often destroyed when they animals are brought to the abattoir Yet, we are pleased to offer you zebra skins of highest quality (A++). Each skin has been selected carefully to guarantee top quality.

South African Zebra Skin

Zebra Rug | South Africa | 220 x 280 cm | Super +A Quality
South African Zebra Hide Astonishing & absolutely breath-taking Super A+ Grade Zebra hides from Southern Africa. Zebra Hides like these...

South African Zebra Hide

Zebra hides are a very special decorative element. They are not only rare, but also luxuriously gorgeous. A zebra hide, which is usually only seen on television or when used in design exhibitions, can give your home a beautiful, extraordinary touch. Especially with modern furniture zebra hides can be combined wonderfully. But also traditional, rustic ambiances can profit of a highly decorative zebra skin.