Zebra Rugs

Next to our large selection of sheepskin rugs we also sell different rugs. One of these products is the luxurious zebra rug. Burchell's Zebras from South Africa play a major role in the local food production and their skins are a byproduct of the food industry. That is why it is difficult to obtain high quality zebra skins, as they are often damaged or destroyed in the abattoir. Yet, we are proud to present you with Zebra skins of the highest quality (A++). Every skin is carefully selected in order to guarantee you this high standard.

Zebra Rug | South Africa | 220 x 280 cm | Super +A Quality

Zebra Rug | South Africa | 220 x 280 cm | Super +A Quality

Natures Collection

South African Zebra Hide Astonishing & absolutely breath-taking Super A+ Grade Zebra hides from Southern Africa. Zebra Hides like thes...

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Zebra Skins

Whether it is on the living room floor or in any other room of the house, a zebra rug is an incredible piece of decoration. With the high quality that all our zebra skins have, these rugs last for many, many years. A zebra rug is a great eye catcher in every home and can thanks to its black and white colour be combined with nearly every style and interior. Whether you prefer traditional country house interior or are more into modern, stylish decoration, a zebra rug can be combined with any style.

Zebra Skin Rugs

A zebra skin rugs a something very special. They are not only rare, but also incredibly luxurious. Something that is usually only seen in design studios or on telly could be part of your home. Try it out, a zebra rug fits great with any style, and especially with modern, black and white furniture with the occasional colourful element.

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