About Sheepskinhouse

Sheepskinhouse has its roots in Denmark. We strive to give you the feel and charm of New Nordic Living. We are inspired by the Scandinavian way of life and we constantly seek to share and spread this feeling with our customers around the globe. 

When you go through our website, you might get the impression that we are “totally in love with sheepskin”. And if you asked us, the answer would be.... YES! And let us tell you why. We’ll start from the very beginning: 

The process begins with one of the most important factors – selecting raw material of the very best quality. We source sheepskins from many different areas of the world: Iceland, the UK, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and Tibet. Though the skins are very different, they all have one thing in common. Sheepskins are by-products of the meat industry and the sheep are raised for the purpose of food – not for their skins. 

When sourcing the raw material, we work together with local experts, who recognise and appreciate the true value of good quality and sustainable production. This way we ensure that we create the proper foundation for the rest of the production process. 

After selecting the raw materials, the skins are carefully tanned, processed and manufactured into various products that you will find in our webshop. Our products are manufactured in China, Argentina and Poland, where there is a long tradition for wool, fur and leather production. The tradition for these kinds of production processes has been passed on from generation to generation and this long-term experience secures the standards of our high quality demands. 

When production is complete, the products are shipped to our warehouse in Denmark for the final quality inspection, before being sent to our customers around the globe. 

We are deeply committed to supplying you with the world’s finest sheepskin.

Beyond our broad collection of sheepskins, we have much more to offer. We always carry a wide assortment of skins, hides, throws, and cushions made of interesting and sustainable materials. Our finest products include Finnish reindeer hides, Mongolian goatskins, cowhides and all our customized products for interior projects around the globe.

We always seek to select the finest and most sustainable materials. We travel the world for this purpose and we only work with certified suppliers. We are certain that you will recognize these efforts when touching, feeling and experiencing the quality of our products.

All the best
Patrick Vinding Olesen, Daniel Skovbakke & Co.


The team

Lammeskindetdk_medarbejder_Patrick Lammeskindetdk_medarbejder_Daniel_S
Patrick Vinding Olesen
Phone: +44 20 3868 5161
Tlf. direct: +45 6915 3301
Mail: patrick@sheepskinhouse.co.uk 


Daniel Skovbakke
Phone: +44 20 3868 5161
Direct: +45 6915 3302
Mail: daniel@sheepskinhouse.co.uk 




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Tim Steinbrenner
E-commerce  Manager & Support 
Phone: +44 20 3868 5161
Direct: +45 6915 3304
Mail: tim@sheepskinhouse.co.uk
Daniel Østergaard
Marketing Manager
Phone: +44 20 3868 5161
Direct: +45 6915 3305
Mail: dop@sheepskinhouse.co.uk


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