For many centuries sheepskins have been part of Scandinavian lifestyle. But not only in Scandinavia, where our shop is situated, but also in many other parts of the world sheepskins have been used for many purposes. Already at the times of the Vikings sheep were herded to produce meat and their skins were a useful byproduct. This byproduct helped them with keeping warm and spending comfort.

The art of craftsmanship and the work with wool, fur, pelt, and leather requires skilled workers and special skills that often have been passed on from one generation to another. The century long history of this venerable trade is added to each design with deepest respect for the material at hand. By combining traditional and new techniques, we aspire to use these traditional materials in an innovative manner, in order to make them a part of our contemporary lifestyle.

In Scandinavia sheepskin rugs and other skins and hides have been used for many years to decorate the home in a comfortable and stylish manner. The possibilities are nearly endless. Our sheepskins for example are for example available as cushions, seat pads, poufs, carpets, or even throws, and all of these products can be combined with different styles and can be used in combination with nearly all interior. No matter if you are looking to lie comfortably, to dream or snooze on something soft, or if you just want to give your home a cosy touch, let your imagination take over and you can find the perfect sheepskin for yourself.

Sheepskins fit into every room and can be that special something. In the living room they make a great addition to a chair, the sofa or an armchair. Also on the floor, sheepskins provide a comfortable warmth to the room. Additionally, you can sit, stand, walk or lie with incredible comfort on our sheepskins. That's why sheepskins are not only great in any living room, but also fit wonderfully into the bedroom. There, a it fits nicely onto the bed, a chair, or can even be used as a bedside rug. Imagine the first thing to feel under your feet is no longer the cold bedroom floor, but a magically soft sheepskin. There is no better way to start the day. And why not try laying sheepskins on the chairs around the dinner table? You will sit wonderfully on a sheepskin and enjoy family dinners even more. Also benches in the hallway are a great spot for sheepskins to sit comfortably while putting on shoes. You can even bring a sheepskin to the garden. On the terrace or the balcony sheepskins can prolong sunny summer evenings, as they give additional warmth.

Whether you prefer Tibetan sheepskin with the velvety soft curls or sheepskin rugs from Iceland that have, smoother, slightly rougher hairs, or even New Zealand sheepskins with short, soft curls or with long, smooth hair, here at, we offer you many possibilities so that you can find your perfect sheepskin. 

Genuine Sheepskins

There is one aspect that we especially focus on: quality. All sheepskins on have fulfilled our high quality standards and that's why we cna guarantee you that you will only receive high quality products that you can enjoy for a very long time. One major part of this quality is of course a high standard of care for the animals. The sheep are born in nature, grow up in the wild and are taken care of by experienced farmers. These farmers give knowledge and experience on from generation to generation and at the same time continually improved so that the sheep receive the best care possible.

We value the authenticity of our sheepskins. Genuine sheepskins have many advantages over fake sheepskins, as they are much softer and byproducts of the meat industry. They are also better for the environment than fake sheepskins. On the one hand, by using the sheepskins we ensure that all of the animal used and nothing goes to waste, and on the other hand no animals are kept for their skins, but are raised for the food industry. Artificial sheepskin hides are not sustainable and are based on petroleum, a fossil product, that eventually will run out. On top of that fake sheepskins are not biodegradable. Genuine sheepskins, however, are products of nature, that have a much smaller impact on the environment.

To sum up there are many reasons to buy a genuine sheepskin. The most important reason of all is, though, that you would like to have a sheepskin rug. It is our task to assist you in finding exactly the one sheepskin rugs that matches your expectations perfectly. There are vast differences between the various kinds of sheepskins that many are unaware of. There are, for example, sheepskin rugs with long and short wool. These short wool and long wool variants also vary among each other. New Zealand sheepskins with long wool have a very dense, smooth fur coat, while Tibetan and Icelandic sheepskins are less dense. These two also look rather different from each other. Icelandic sheepskins have slightly rough hair, while Tibetan sheepskins are known for the incredibly soft, long curls. Similarly known for its softness is English skeepskin and Austrian sheepskins have rugged looking, long curls. Sheepskins from the Swedish Island of Gotland are known for their durability and the beautiful, natural grey curls, which make them especially popular. Of course you can also find many other grey sheepskin rugs. But that is not all: In our product range you can find many different kinds of sheepskins: short wool, long wool, smooth, curly, natural, dyed, and many different sizes and shapes. Take a look around and discover all our wonderful products!