Who We Are

Sheepskinhouse was founded in 2014 by 2 young men, Patrick Vinding Olesen & Daniel Skovbakke, based on the simple premise that working with good people, making good things, made good sense.

We have worked hard to source, collect and select the best within sheepskin rugs from all over the world.

Do you want to know more about the whole team and who we are, click here to read the whole story.

What We Do

Our products are selected with one thing in mind: Quality!

We have travelled the world to find, check and ensure the highest product quality under the best possible conditions for the environment and the people working with the products.

It is part of our heritage and legacy to always strive for the best and tell the story behind our products.

The Founders

  • Patrick Vinding Olesen Partner
    E-mail: pvo@sheepskinhouse.co.uk
    Direct: +45 6915 3301

  • Daniel Skovbakke Partner
    E-mail: ds@sheepskinhouse.co.uk
    Direct: +45 6915 3302