New Zealand Sheepskin | Shortwool | 90x60

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The coral collection is a new highlight among our range of short-haired sheepskins from New Zealand. The collection brings out outstanding colour tones of coral and this unique play of colours provides new and imaginative opportunities to bring nature into your home.

Size: 90 x 60 cm
Wool length: 2-3 cm
Type: Cut and curly
Coat thickness: Very thick
Dyed/natural: Dyed
Made of: One piece

The sheepskin is very thick which is important when the skin is cut short. A dense, short-cut sheepskin provides really good comfort and exudes high quality. Place the skin over a chair or pamper your children with a soft and colourful rug for the children’s room. With our coral collection you can use your imagination and make your world colourful.

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