CORAL COLLECTION Hot water bottle

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The very popular hot-water bottles with a cover of high-quality sheepskin now come in beautiful coral colors. In our selection you get to choose between blue, pink and other coral colors. Like our hot-water bottles in classic colors these hot-water bottles also have a cover of high-quality skin.

Size: 27 x 37 cm
Material: Sheepskin from New Zealand
Hair length: 2-3 cm
Hair type: Cut and curly
Density: Very dense
Colored/natural: Colored
Manufacturing: Made of perfectly fitted pieces

The sheepskin cover makes sure, that the hot-water bottle is not too hot and at the same time it isolates the warmth from the hot water, so the hot-water bottle has the perfect temperature over a longer period of time.

Nb.: We highly recommend that the water you put in the bottle is not more than 70 degrees warm. Besides that, the hot-water bottle must not be filled more than 70%, and we advise against sitting and lying on the hot-water bottle, because it cannot be exposed to a pressure of more than 50 kilos.

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