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The beautiful brown white cow hides come from Northern Brazil, where the cows graze outside on the fields and take in all the sunlight and fresh air all year round. Growing up as happy cows that are raised for the meat industry, their hides are a byproduct and are very high quality products, marked with A+ quality. That high quality is determined with several aspects in mind. The main factors to look at when it comes to quality are the natural shine, the tightness of the hairs and also thickness and length
This high quality does not only guarantee a great look of the cow hides, but also stands for high durability. Our cow hides are resistant against dirt and tear and last a lifetime at the right care. This durability makes cow hides perfect carpets. They are often used in hallways, entrances or living rooms. But also in the office such a cow hide can give a wonderful homey and cosy touch and make the otherwise boring office atmosphere much more exciting.
Cow hides are very sustainable. As previously mentioned, they are byproducts of the meat industry, and as such are 100% natural. Being 100% natural also means that the cow hides have their natural colours. That's why each cow hide can vary in colours and nuances and every cow hide is absolutely unique. If you are looking for a certain pattern or shape, feel free to contact us and we'll assist you in finding your perfect cow hide.
 Product details: Information:
  • Origin:
    • Cow leather from Brazil
  • Size in inches: comes in 3 approximate sizes
    • 86.6 x 66.9 inches
    • 110.2 x 78.7 inches
    • 126 x 86.6 inches
  • Size in cm:
    • 220 x 170 cm.
    • 280 x 200 cm.
    • 320 x 220 cm.
  • Wool Type:
    • Premium A+ high quality
  • Wool length:
    • Short wool
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  • Always free return
  • Origin assured, OA™ certified.

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