Brazilian Cow Hide | VINTAGE Zebra | Size S

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Our beautiful cow hide is from northern Brazil and has the highest quality. This hide is very special, because it has a zebra pattern. The hide is perfect as a decorative carpet in your home or at the office, because it is very hard-wearing. Cows live in nature for many years and this is visible on the hides.

Size: 250 x 180 cm
Wool Length: app. 1 cm
Type: straight, smooth wool
Coat thickness: light
Dyed/natural: dyed and natural
Made of: one piece

The quality on a cow hide is rated on basis of sheen, length and thickness of the hairs on the hide. Our cow hides are very resistant to filth and dirt and demands very little care.

When you are dealing with a unique cow hide, it is important to know, that spots and colouring vary from hide to hide.

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