American Sheepskin | Double Sided | 100x60

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This double face American sheepskin is a very special product because the back of the skin is specially treated. The leather, which can be found on the back of any skin, is specially treated on this skin which makes it very soft and, compared to other skins, considerably smoother. A skin like this is not to be found in other places!

Size: 100 x 60 cm
Wool length: 2-3 cm
Hair type: Cut
Thickness: Thick
Colouring: Coloured
Manufacturing: One piece

If you love natural products, that cannot get soft enough, then try our double-sided sheepskin and bring a unique piece of luxury into your home. Are you still having doubts? Then read our article “Find the perfect sheepskin” and learn more about our great selection of genuine sheepskins.

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