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Our hot-water bottle has a great potential of becoming your new best friend, because it will take care of you, when you have a stomachache or your back is hurting, and it will be there to make your day on the couch even better. The bottle comes in a cover of the softest rabbit fur, which makes this product especially good and amazingly natural.

Size: 22 x 32 cm
Material: Rabbit
Hair length: 1-2 cm
Hair type: Smooth
Density: Dense
Colored/natural: Colored
Manufacturing: Made of perfectly fitted pieces

This hot water bottle comes in a lot of colors so you can find the perfect hot-water bottle in your favorite color. The only thing missing is a pair of our cushions. Take a look at them here.

Nb.: We highly recommend that the water you put in the bottle is not more than 70 degrees warm. Besides that, the hot-water bottle must not be filled more than 70%, and we advise against sitting and lying on the hot-water bottle, because it cannot be exposed to a pressure of more than 50 kilos.

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