Mongolian Goat Hide | Longwool | 110x80

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This astonishing silky smooth goat hide of Mongolian goatskin is absolutely gorgeous and cannot be found many places. -It's simply a unique hide! A goat hide like this, are perfect instead of a sheepskin, if you might think they get too voluminous, whereas these hides has very thin, soft and shiny hair, which let it adapt to any furniture you might want to place it in. The quality is still the same high as all our other products, it is all about the expression of the skin versus how you want to decorate your home.

Size: 110 x 80 cm
Wool Length: 15-20 cm
Type: straight, smooth wool
Coat thickness: thin
Dyed/natural: dyed
Made of: one piece

The hide does only come in one sizer make it easy for you to choose. This size is one-size-fits-it-all. Adding a goat hide like this to your decor will definitely add a touch of luxury for your home and are mostly used on bigger chairs, couches, over the bed or on a bench. The glossy yet beautiful look will make sure, that such a hide fits perfectly to both new nordic decor as well as the countryside decor.

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