New Zealand Sheepskin | Stool Cover | D35 x H17 cm

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Can you imagine one of our rustic barstools in your home? It should be easy, because they are simply amazing. And if you add one of our unique sheepskin covers, you will fin yourself surrounded by comfort. Our covers are made of high quality New Zealand sheepskin and fits in to any home, because of the simple and natural look. The cover will add both elegance and warmth at the same time. We designed this cover with a focus on comfort and a natural look.

Size: 35 diameter and 17 cm
Wool Length: 5-8 cm
Type: straight, smooth wool
Coat thickness: thick
Dyed/natural: dyed
Made of: perfectly matched pieces

The New Zealand merino wool is very thick, which makes it perfect to sit on. The cover is made of perfectly matched pieces of merino wool. The seams are not to be seen og felt. The cover has an elastic band around the hem, which makes it fit any stool with the right measurements. The soft sheepskin gives you a lot of comfort and will make you feel even more at home.

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