New Zealand Sheepskin Cushion | Moccasin | 28x56 cm

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If you need a nice cushion for your sofa, armchair or bench then this rectangular cushion from our Moccasin collection is just the right one. The cushion measures 28 x 56 cm and has wool on both front and back. A zipper is placed on the seam so that the filling can be removed, replaced or washed without any problems.

Size: 28 x 56 cm
Wool length: Approx. 1 cm
Hair type: Shearling
Thickness: Thick
Coloring: Colored
Manufacturing: Made of perfectly fit pieces

The sheepskin is cut to a length of 12 mm and the wool is smooth and soft. This is why the cushion stands out from the other cushions in our collection. In addition to the rectangular shape the cushion comes in two square shapes: 40 x 40 cm. and 45 x 45 cm.

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