New Zealand Seat Cover | Moccasin, Calf leather backing | 45x45x5 cm

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This amazing sheepskin cushion is made of 12 mm shorn, smooth and very thich wool. The cushion is our moccasin cushion of shearling sheepskin of very high quality. On the back you will discover a smooth leather side, that gives the cushion an exclusive look.

Size: 45x45 cm
Wool Length: about 1 cm
Type: shearling lamb
Coat thickness: thick
Dyed/natural: dyed
Made of: perfectly matched pieces

The cushion fits perfectly on many different chairs both inside and outside. With this cushion on your chair, you can sit comfortable for hours and enjoy your free time. The cushion is stuffed with 100 % cotton. Our sheepskin are always 100 % real and of the highest quality.

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