Premium Sheepskin Stools | Tibet | 34 x 48 cm

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Product information

Size: 35 x 48 cm

Wool length: 10-15 cm

Wool type: fine curls

Dyed/natural: dyed (except the white variant)

Material: Recycled Teak wood and premium sheepskin

Tipps for use:

Our stools are made out of natural and recycled Teak wood which has thus a rather light brown colour. It can be easily combined with different styles of interieur design.

The sheepskin stools are mostly used in the living-room but fit also in other places, wherever they are needed. The premium sheepskin cover can be removed if you want to swap the colour or just to shake it out.


Stool with curly sheepskin cover

The stools with four legs are a fantastic alternative to our sheepskin poufs as they combine the sheepskin material with recycled Teak wood. The stools have a cover made out of the wonderful Tibetan sheepskin.

The size of the stools is 48 cm (high) and 34 cm (diameter). The wood that is used for the stool is to 100% recycled which means that no tree has been felled but wood from old thrown-out furniture was reused.

In this way the stools receive a special quality since they are produced sustainable. The wood is natural and light brown which works perfectly with a scandinavian interieur style. When the wood is oiled it will get its usual darker shade that you normally associate with Teak wood.

The stool is available in nine different colours which include both the classic ones like white, black or brown but also interesting trendy colours like yellow or green.

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