Single Sheepskin | Iceland | Long Wool | Unique Number 13784

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This sheepskin is part of our unique collection, which means that the product was chosen specifically because of its colour, pattern, and shape. When ordering a sheepskin of our unique collection, you will receive exactly the product you can see on the picture.

The sheepskin received a unique serial number that can be seen in the product name. The reason we chose exactly this sheepskin is its fantastic colour and pattern, which combined with all the nuances creates a wonderfully unique sheepskin.

All sheepskin rugs in our unique collection are organic and 100% natural. All colours and nuances you can see are completely natural and are preserved through the careful tanning process.

To show you how exactly we measure each unique piece, we have attached a second image that showcases how both length and width are measured. If you have any questions concerning the product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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