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New Zealand sheepskin with long wool comes in a wide range of colours, shapes, sizes, and products. In our product range you can find single sheepskin rugs, 1-5 size, double, quatro, sexto, and even octo sheepskin rugs, luxury design rugs, cushions in three different sizes, seat pads, and bean bags - all crafted from premium New Zealand long wool sheepskin. All our sheepskin products are natural byproducts of the local meat production. The sheep are raised by experienced farmers and roam freely through nature. Seeing as they are held for the local meat production, the focus is on producing quality meat. About 10% of all sheepskins from New Zealand have premium quality. Due to the focus on meat, no sheep is raised for their premium sheepskin, which makes the premium quality a rare and desirable commodity.
The main differences between premium and "regular" quality sheepskin are the thicker coat, the natural shine, and the greater durability of premium sheepskin. Especially the thick coat can be felt every time you touch your premium sheepskin rug. The wool is incredibly soft and thick and feels absolutely wonderful to touch. It provides natural warmth and comfort that can be felt every time you sit, lie, or stand on the smooth wool. The rich dark brown colour makes the sheepskin incredibly versatile. It can be combined with nearly all other colours and styles. Whether you prefer a traditional country house interior or a modern city home style, the chocolate colour sheepskin is a great eye catcher for your home.
The single sheepskin rug is available in four different sizes. The smallest size works well on a small chair, on the seat of an armchair, or on the sofa. The largest variant is especially practical for a chair with a high backrest or as a rug on the floor. The two sizes that lie in the middle are right for most chairs and can, just like all the other sizes, be used for many other occasions. Another great benefit of a natural sheepskin rug is its easy maintenance. Be sure to shake the sheepskin regularly to remove dust and dirt. The sheepskin can even be hoovered on a low setting. To maintain the beautiful, smooth wool, we recommend brushing the sheepskin with a sheepskin brush every once in a while. If any spills or stains get on the sheepskin, these can be removed with a damp cloth. Dry stains can usually be brushed out with a sheepskin brush. If you are unsure about which sheepskin is right for you, how to maintain it, or about any other aspects, please do not hesitate to contact us!
 Product details: Information:
  • Origin:
    • Sheepskin from New Zealand
  • Size in inches:
    • 33.5 x 23.5 inches
    • 35.5 x 23.5 inches
    • 39.5 x 23.5 inches
    • 45 x 23.5 inches
  • Size in cm:
    • 80 x 60 cm
    • 90 x 60 cm
    • 100 x 60 cm
    • 115 x 60 cm
  • Wool length:
    • Long wool
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  • Origin assured, OA™ certified

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