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New Zealand sheepskin with long wool come in many different shapes and colours. There are many different product variants that use New Zealand sheepskin, from cushions to even hot water bottles and slippers. Long wool sheepskin can be found in the form of cushions, seat pads, large design rugs, 1.5, double, quatro, sext, and octo sheepskin rugs, and of course as a traditional single sheepskin rug. But even these traditional single sheepskin rugs don't have to look boring and traditional at all. To the contrary, they come in many different and exciting colours, ranging from nature inspired tones, such as brown, grey, black, and white to exciting fun colours, such as pink, red, green and yellow, featured on this page. The lemon yellow colour is a true eye catcher and incredibly modern. It makes for a great decorative piece in the living room or even in a girl's room.
The New Zealand sheepskin has premium quality, which means that - compared to "standard quality" - it has a thicker coat, a beautiful natural shine and a higher longevity. The thick wool is incredibly durable and surprisingly low maintenance; regular shaking and occasional brushing are enough to maintain the fluffy appearance. You can even hoover the sheepskin on a low setting to fluff up the wool. Small stains can be removed with a damp cloth and some lukewarm water, and dried in stains can usually be brushed out with a sheepskin brush.
We experience quite often that customers shy away from bold colours, such as lemon. Of course, we understand that more natural tones are easier to combine with other pieces of interior, but often a chance to find a piece that really catches the eye is missed there. A bold yellow sheepskin rug makes for a wonderful piece in the home and adds that special something to a room that might need a little excitement. It works wonderfully on an old chair and gives it new life. And even on the sofa or on the floor it feel wonderful to sit, stand or lie on. 
 Product details: Information:
  • Origin:
    • Sheepskin from New Zealand
  • Size in inches:
    • 39.5 x 23.5 inches
  • Size in cm:
    • 100 x 60 cm
  • Wool length:
    • Long wool
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  • Always free return
  • Origin assured, OA™ certified

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