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Our New Zealand short wool sheepskin rugs come in a total of 8 different colours, of which 3 are different grey colours. You can find a dark grey variant called anthracite, a light grey variant called sapphire and a variant that lies in the middle, called graphite. The graphite colour is named after the colour of a graphite pencil, a beautiful shiny grey colour that, depending on the light, may seem lighter or darker at times. The beautiful natural shine is one of the main aspects of a premium quality sheepskin. Only about 2-3 % of all New Zealand sheepskins have premium quality. These are sorted specially and tanned carefully in order to preserve the high quality. Premium sheepskins can also be identified by their thick coat, an aspect that especially shows in the short wool variant. The thick coat covers the leather wonderfully without leaving any bald spots where the leather side could be seen through.
With its thick wool, the soft sheepskin rug is perfect to be used on a chair. If you are looking for that extra bit of comfort, or if you want to give an old chair a completely new look, then the short wool sheepskin rug from New Zealand might be just what you are looking for. Its 1-2 cm (0.5-1 inch) long curls feel soft to the touch and give plenty of support and comfort to sit, lie or even stand on. Many also choose to use the sheepskin rug as a small carpet in the house, or as a piece of extra comfort on the sofa. The possibilities are virtually endless.
A main difference between the short wool and the long wool variant from New Zealand is that the short wool sheepskin has been sheered. The sheered wool is curly, while long wool sheepskins usually have wool that has been straightened in order to give a fluffy appearance. The short wool variant has the big advantage that it hardly requires any maintenance or washing. We recommend to shake the sheepskin regularly to remove dust and dirt and to hoover it occasionally on the lowest setting. Most of the dirt is kept out by the natural wool fat so that you can keep cleaning to a minimum. Stains can be removed with a damp, clean cloth. Being this easy-care, a short wool sheepskin from New Zealand is an incredibly versatile product that can be used with any style of interior, whether you prefer a modern city home style or a more traditional interior.
 Product details: Information:
  • Origin:
    • Sheepskin from New Zealand
  • Size in inches:
    • 35 x 24 inches
    • 45 x 24 inches
  • Size in cm:
    • 90 x 60 cm
    • 115 x 60 cm
  • Wool length:
    • Short wool
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